Do clients really know the level of pet care and health benefits provided by professional oral health assessment and treatment ? Dental charting and images are integral part of client communication. Utilize the power and convenience of your iPad or iPhone to provide complete oral assessment and treatment plan for your clients. The best clients are the ones that are educated and engaged. This app is designed to transform the client's experience and complaince regarding pet dental care.

This app is planned and designed by an experienced veterinarian in an intuitive and user-friendly manner,transforming the medical findings to a graphical representation for the pet parents. In this app, you can create digital dental charts and import images from oral photography or radiology. Dental charts can be viewed and shared as pdf as well. Future updates will include many extraction videos, image library for client education and reference.

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Our mission is to support local animal shelters working to provide for the basic needs of animals, adoption services and shelter veterinary care for abandoned, homeless or stray animals.

In order to support this cause, we pledge to donate a percentage of net proceeds towards local animal shelters as well as supporting research at Auburn University, AL USA.

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